RXi Displays

The RXi Display connects people and machines by combining the latest in touchscreen technology, widescreen display, modern design, high durability, and superior power in an ultra-slim package designed for the factory floor. The result enables quicker, smarter decisions based on real-time visualization.

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PACSystems* RXi Controller

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VersaMax* Controllers

Powerful and Reliable. VersaMax controllers provide powerful, reliable operation. Designed to minimize costs, these versatile controllers are easy to use and support and offer a wide range of I/O expansion modules and communications options.

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PAC8000 SafetyNet

PAC8000 SafetyNet is a compact and cost-effective functional safety system for Emergency Shut Down, Fire & Gas and Burner Management applications. If standard IO is mounted on the SafetyNet node, it can be used as a tightly integrated control and safety system.

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RXi Industrial PC

High Performance Industrial PC for Computing at the Machine

rxi-box-ipcHigh Performance Computing
GE Intelligent Platforms combines our expertise in designing high-performance embedded computing platforms with more than 30 years of experience in industrial control to create a uniquely powerful industrial computing platform – the RXi  Industrial PC (IPC).

The RXi industrial computing platform delivers compact, rugged, high-performance computing capabilities to run HMI, historian, and analytics applications right at the machine, enabling improved real-time control of operations and better integration into plant-wide systems. RXi IPCs are available preloaded with iFIX*, Cimplicity, or Proficy* Historian software for better visibility into your system, lower integration costs, and faster time to market.

Innovative communication options include Bluetooth, modem, and direct connection to your handheld device for access to actionable data anytime, from anywhere. RXi IPCs can also be configured to enable GE Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics solutions for both users and OEMs.

RXiBoxIPC_industry2High-Performance Industrial Computing

The entry-level RXi IPC incorporates the latest technologies to deliver high-performance computing for the industrial environment. It can be used with GE’s high performance industrial touch screen displays to create a modular panel PC solution for greater visualization on the factory floor. It is ideal for smaller systems with less than 500 I/O points.

The dual core processor offers an excellent balance of performance and low power consumption. The RXi IPC has 4 GB of RAM, multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and 32 GB of industrial grade high-speed SSD storage (or optional 250 GB hard disk). These high performance specifications make the RXi IPC the perfect platform for running GE’s Proficy applications or other industrial applications right at the machine, even in the harshest environments.

Ruggedized for Greater Uptime

From the use of all industrial grade components to its fanless design, the RXi IPC has been engineered for reliability in harsh environments. The core of the RXi IPC architecture is GE’s rugged COM Express modular CPU platform. GE incorporated patented thermal monitoring technology with sophisticated passive cooling techniques to provide a high-performance, fanless industrial computing platform that can operate in extended temperature ranges.

Designed for Low TCO

The RXi IPC delivers low total cost of ownership (TCO) through its compact size, reduced maintenance, low power consumption, and ease of future performance upgrades enabled by our innovative rugged COM Express CPU architecture. As chip technology evolves, simply upgrade the module without affecting the underlying hardware and assets.


Approvals CE, UL
Operating System (OS) Support Windows 7
Storage: 32 GB SSD or 250 GB HDD
CPU Type 1GHz Dual Core Via Eden
User Memory 4 GB
Display Size N/A
Operating Temp -25˚C to +65˚C
Jenis Produk Industrial Computers, Produk, Programable Logic Controller GE IP

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