RXi Displays

The RXi Display connects people and machines by combining the latest in touchscreen technology, widescreen display, modern design, high durability, and superior power in an ultra-slim package designed for the factory floor. The result enables quicker, smarter decisions based on real-time visualization.

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PACSystems* RXi Controller

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.

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VersaMax* Controllers

Powerful and Reliable. VersaMax controllers provide powerful, reliable operation. Designed to minimize costs, these versatile controllers are easy to use and support and offer a wide range of I/O expansion modules and communications options.

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PAC8000 SafetyNet

PAC8000 SafetyNet is a compact and cost-effective functional safety system for Emergency Shut Down, Fire & Gas and Burner Management applications. If standard IO is mounted on the SafetyNet node, it can be used as a tightly integrated control and safety system.

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RX3i High speed I/O

Rack I/O for Mission Critical Applications

Outstanding Flexibility
RX3i IO is designed for mission critical discrete and process applications. The rack-based IO offers advanced diagnostics and outstanding flexibility, with a wide range of standard and advanced IO.

Discrete I/O Modules

Input modules provide the interface between the PLC and external input devices such as proximity sensors, push buttons, switches, and BCD thumbwheels. Output modules provide the interface between the PLC and external output devices such as contactors, interposing relays, BCD displays and indicator lamps.

Analog I/O Modules

GE offers easy-to-use analog modules and HART analog modules for control processes such as flow, temperature and pressure.

Specialty Modules

The RX3i features a wide range of Specialty Modules to address specific application requirements. These modules include:

  • Millivolt and Strain Gage I/O
  • Thermocouple I/O
  • RTD I/O
  • Resistive I/O
  • Temperature Control
  • Power Transducer

Networks and Distributed I/O Systems

The RX3i features a variety of communications options for distributed control and/or I/O. Choose from Ethernet EGD, Profibus-DP, Genius and DeviceNet. These communication modules are easy to install and quick to configure.

RX3i Pneumatic Module

This output module provides 11 pneumatic outputs and five 24 VDC sourcing outputs. For each pneumatic output, the module contains an internal 3-way solenoid-actuated valve and an associated output fitting. Solenoid power is supplied from an external 24 VDC source to the“DC Outputs” connector on the front panel.

Expansion Modules for Local and Remote I/O

The RX3i supports various expansion options for local and remote I/O to optimize configurations. The RX3i can be expanded up to 8 expansion bases using local remote expansion module.

The RX3i also supports Ethernet remote I/O using the RX3i Ethernet Network Interface module (IC695NKT001) Series 90-30 Ethernet Network Interface module (IC693NIU004) for more distributed I/O.


Approvals Marine
Network Interfaces PROFINET†,Ethernet EGD, CMX, Genius
I/O Module Size 34mm wide x 145mm high x140mm Deep
I/O Types communications
Advanced Diagnostics Yes
Maximum I/O Per Drop 448
Media Copper and Fiber
Hot Swap yes
Special Environmental Applications Conformal coating available
Specialty Modules Power Measurement
Jenis Produk Control System, Distributed I/O, Produk, Programable Logic Controller GE IP

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